Atlanta Postal Credit Union Case Study: Preventing Sensitive Data Leaks with ARgon for Email

The Atlanta Postal Credit Union (APCU), headquartered in Georgia, United States, is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative committed to helping hardworking people save money and prosper. The nature of their business means that one of their key roles is to protect the sensitive information of their members, whether it be member transactions online or information processing within the APCU organization. In their case, the greatest risk channel is email.

Their goal in evolving their information security strategy was to find a solution that would improve the detection and prevention of data leaks through email in order to meet internal and regulatory compliance requirements. After comprehensive research, the APCU's Risk Management team decided to implement Clearswift's Argon for Email solution which had the ability to bolt onto their existing security measures, adding an umbrella layer of protection for all email communications.

When asked what the deciding factor was to take on the ARgon solution, Chris Kattner, APCU’s IT Manager, disclosed, “It was the Adaptive Redaction functionality. Before deploying ARgon, we didn’t have the ability to detect and redact sensitive information such as personal identifiable information (PII), personal credit card information (PCI) and other sensitive data types from documents and files shared across email. We had been spending a lot of man hours reviewing every single email to make sure there were no sensitive data leaks that were a risk to APCU. ARgon automated this process for us and gives us visibility of sensitive information flow through email at the same time.”

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