Clearswift and Echoworx: Encryption Portal

Encryption offers the most advanced level of protection for secure information sharing through email, but many organizations are unsure of the best encryption method to adopt, including how to deploy it, configure it and get staff and external email recipients to use it correctly. Organizations may also find that they have a need for a particular encryption method, such as PGP, but their messaging platform may not natively support PGP encryption.

Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway products, in conjunction with the Echoworx OneWorld Encryption Portal, have developed a solution where the email encryption process can be entirely automated or a more streamlined and user-friendly encryption option deployed for those who want to control what information is encrypted and when. Clearswift provides TLS encryption which encrypts ‘the pipe’ in which email travels through and Echoworx encrypts ‘the data’ - the email that is traveling through the pipe.

Read on to find out how Clearswift can intelligently ascertain which emails are required to be encrypted and how this solution can automate your encryption process, making it faster and more secure for your business, as well as easier for your clients to operate.

Tags: Solution Briefs, Encryption

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