Clearswift Product & Solution Guide

The Clearswift Product & Solution Guide provides a thorough overview of all products within our product suite and details our unique approach to securing your organization's critical information. The technology that forms the core of all our products is our Deep Content Inspection engine and Adaptive Redaction functionality. The Deep Content Inspection engine identifies sensitive data and active code during the filtering of information through the Gateways. Our technology reduces false positives by determining more details than just text. For example, whether the text is located in the document’s header, footer or main body, or in image files, becomes important when designing detection policies so that the solution is robust and accurate in its detection.

Our Adaptive Redaction technology performs the redaction of sensitive information before it leaves, or enters, your Gateway. This includes the redaction of information hidden in images and PDFs, using our Optical Character Recognition feature. The Clearswift Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (ADLP) solution allows for data to be redacted, keeping the organization protected, while still delivering communications and enhancing productivity, rather than inhibiting it.

Read our Product & Solution Guide to find out how these technologies operate within the SECURE Email Gateway, SECURE Web Gateway, SECURE Exchange Gateway, SECURE ICAP Gateway, Clearswift ARgon for Email, Clearswift Endpoint DLP, and the Clearswift Information Governance Server.

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