Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway datasheet

The Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway (SWG) goes beyond simply keeping your network free of viruses, inappropriate content and harmful executables. It enables complete granular control over the information that is accessed or shared online. Whether it’s limiting or monitoring recreational browsing, setting policies for the most popular social media sites, or preventing the inadvertent leaking of critical information, the Clearswift SWG's intuitive and powerful user interface means that policy setting and administration tasks are simplified, reducing errors and operational costs.

Featuring integrated Cloud-assisted Kaspersky, Avira or Sophos anti-virus, anti-malware and antispyware protection, with automatic updates to provide the latest protection, the AV engines also support heuristic and behavioural scanning. If you’re concerned about data leaks via social media, webmail or similar sites – the Clearswift SWG can still allow access, but control the outbound data flow through through these platforms with inspection and redaction policies.

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